Tuesday, September 14, 2010

News From The Couch … Kitten Sneak …

smoo1 sm003 sm006
sm006 sm008 sm009
sm0011 sm013 sm014oops

So here I am in my studio, working on a a piece that is unlike anything I’ve done before and along comes my amazing kitten … climbing on top of the cupboards and then into the cabinets all by his little self.  I couldn’t believe it.  He opened every cupboard with his paws and worked his way through 4 cupboards and kept going even after I grabbed the camera.  Guess he doesn’t mind the attention. 

That’s the News from the Couch … How’s your day going.Kayne West's Amazing


  1. Think he may want to be a subject of your work, lol.

  2. ahhhh ... i was shocked ... he just moved right on to where ever he wanted to go ... while I was taking pics of him. Lol