Friday, July 2, 2010

Famous Abstract ARtists ……

dekooning dekooning2

dekooning5 dekooning77


Willem De Kooning (1904-1997) a Dutch American ARtist.  Here he is immortalized for all time.  Another Abstract artist who believed that he was an “individualist” as opposed to abstractionist .   He was a hard drinking man who had notorious escapades with woman.  The hallmark of de Kooning's style was an emphasis on complex figure ground ambiguity. Background figures would overlap other figures causing them to appear in the foreground, which in turn might be overlapped by dripping lines of paint thus positioning the area into the background. 

“The attitude that nature is chaotic and that the artist puts order into it is a very absurd point of view, I think. All that we can hope for is to put some order into ourselves.”   De Kooning

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  1. I've always loved that De Kooning quote. Shows the humility of the artist. I also like the fact that he saw himself simply as an individual who paints, as all artists are, rather than the member of some contrived school or category.

  2. He was very caught up in the New York Scene from what I've read. Seemed a little tortured. I want to say ... that's sad but I'm not sure he would have agreed.

  3. thank you, I've googled about the painter and that is realy usefull and interesting info for me, as it turned out.