Monday, July 5, 2010

News From The Couch: Deep Into Summer

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In this painting called “Bursts of Summer”  I found myself one again struggling with the ambiance of messy perfection.  I can hear my teacher saying to me … clean up your lines … kind of like your mom saying clean up your room.  The need to keep things extremely tight often pushes me right outside of the box. 

It isn’t that I resist a “perfect” line, it’s just that often nothing around me in nature really speaks to that.  It all seems so organized but not acutely perfect. 

I drag branches from a tree that got blown in the wind last night and watch as the green green leaves start their journey of decay.    I enjoy the texture and random similarity of leaves and the timeless knots in the branches. 

Time for some more coffee.    That’s the news from the Couch this morning.  Hope your doing well. 


“Bursts of Summer” is 14 x 17  and costs $400.00.  You can contact to purchase.  All work is sold unframed and is done on 300lb archival paper.


  1. It doesn't matter if Dow Jones lost 413 points in one day :) You rock it, baby! :-)
    Congratulation! The cat is great, also.


  2. Dyeve .. you really are an inspiration

  3. I love "Burst of Summer" And I agree there are no perfect lines in nature. The Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi celebrates these imperfections - in fact it says that it's imperfection and transience that make a thing beautiful. Technique can stand in the way of expression. If I were to insist on all my work being grammatically correct my writing would be sterile (have to stuggle not to tidy up my grammar at times - teaching is so ingrained) Your lecturer was right to show you the 'right way' you must know the conventions - so you know how to break them. Perfect arcs and lines would make "Bursts of Summer" a sterile abstract exercise which would not express the nearly symetrical pythagorian chaos of nature. Love the cat and the chair design. Adore your painting though.